Portishead – Sound Academy, Toronto

Checked out Portishead last Sunday. Great show (not loud enough) and worth the wait (10 years between their 2nd and 3rd albums!) Portishead played tight and Beth G. was laid back. Fits the music and atmosphere. I loved it.

However, if you’re ever at a concert, some general rules I’ve observed over the years are:

1. Shut up! – Let’s keep the domestic chat at home not during songs…. It’s a show! If the show was bleeding loud, I wouldn’t care, but Portishead are mellow and shouldn’t have to compete with non-fans’ chat. Fans pay to hear the band play, not some blathering about what you had for dinner.

2. Leave Your Personal Space at Home. – Yep. It’s sold out and everyone wants to be by the stage up front. So no whining about your precious personal space when a thousand people cram up to the stage with drinks in hand, acting all weird… “Hey, stop pushing my wife. I saw you.” WTF?


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