DIY – Stealth Hawk TV Antenna Build

Here are pics of a recent home-built Stealth Hawk TV antenna. Basically it’s an update on the old rabbit ears antenna from days gone by. With the recent switch over to all digital broadcasts of “over the air” (OTA) signals, I felt it was time to get with the times, so I purchased a 46″ LED LCD Samsung 3D capable TV replacing my 15-year old 27″ tube beast. Not being a fan of cable TV, I wanted to get better OTA signals (new signals are digital, HD and uncompressed so they look awesome). A recent newspaper article on home-built OTA antennas for cheap, looked easy, small and simple enough to build (go here for the design, specifics and history).

So how does a $15 parts antenna perform? Pretty good. I gained 10 more OTA channels from the previous 10-year old RCA antenna (pictured below, its the 3 foot wide, plastic one shaped like a cigar). Pictured is the final construction, balun inside the conduit box, copper wire & attachment screws, old RCA antenna and the final antenna on a mast (plastic broom stick).


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