Antenna Build 3.0: Super Stealth Hawk TV Antenna

Here’s an updated Stealth Hawk antenna – the Super version. With a stronger construction and a better weather prone build, it pulls in more channels than the original version… not as good as my previous DB4 but should hold up in the weather more. The DB4 channel pull fell off after being outside after a few months – wood and screws didn’t hold up. Next up is a stronger DB4 construction and design. Stay tuned.


Lykke Li & First Aid Kit – Sound Academy, Toronto

A very goth looking Lykke Li and a down-to-earth folksy First Aid Kit dropped by Toronto recently. I was really looking forward to First Aid Kit, but their acoustic sound didn’t quite fit the large venue and being an all ages show, we missed half the set due the show starting around 8PM as advertised. FAK have incredible voices and harmonies and are now backed up with a drummer. I’ll catch them again when they come back to promote their forthcoming album, The Lion’s Roar. Regardless, it was a good night even if it ended before 11!  Below, Lykke does the megaphone thing (personally, I think The Butthole Surfers did this to much better effect in ’86, but that’s a whole other story.) Peace.